Junior Golf

Junior golf refers to the game of golf being played by boys and girls who have not finished secondary school or reached the age of 19, whichever comes first. More specifically, any person falling under the above definition who has played at least one round of golf in a given year is a junior golfer. Players aged 11-18 are eligible to participate in ULENCC Junior Golf Tour tournaments Players compete in the following age divisions:
  • Boys 15-18
  • Girls 15-18
  • Boys 11-14
  • Girls 11-14
Juniors can enter a worldwide platform to compete against the nations top juniors. During the season players can participate at multiple events throughout the globe. Each tournaments are setup as a tour like experience and players find themselves in family like atmosphere, so they can focus entirely on their game. Please explore each venue individually for further details. The Coaches Area is designed to help coaches of universities to track players, receive scoring info and even have further insight to the player’s profile. Global Junior Golf assists with a consistent venue platform and top players around the world to get immediate feedback about a player’s season career. To improve the players game, coaches recommend the use of monitors an simulators from Shop Indoor Golf

Juniors may not play in an ULENCC  Junior Golf Tour event if they have reached their 19th birthday, regardless of graduation date. Juniors who have graduated high school and are enrolled in college full-time are not eligible even if under 19 years of age. Juniors reaching their 19th birthday prior to the Tour Championship are still eligible for season-end awards and honors based on performance during the season.