Frequently Asked Questions


How many guests can a member bring at any one time?
There is no limit to guests you can bring to play golf. However, if you wish to bring more than 3 guests, you must first contact the golf professional.

What is the Mill River plan?
The “Mill River” Plan was adopted to give UlenCC golfing members below market pricing on all Pro Shop products. Any item purchased in the Pro Shop is only marked up 12.5% above cost for the membership. Special orders are marked up 17.5% above cost. To offer these low prices, we bill each member $100 ($25/month for 4 consecutive months in the spring) to compensate for lost profits in the Pro Shop.

What golfing groups are available and when do they meet?
Organized golf groups include the annual Ulen Men’s Club, the Ulen Ladies’ Golf Association, and a Junior Golf program that meets 7 times during the summer. We also have several men’s, ladies’ and couples’ events planned throughout the season. For more details, please contact the Golf Professional.

Are there restrictions on golf tee times?
Occasionally there will be limited tee times due to tournaments and/or functions. On Mon-days the golf course does not open for play until 1:00 p.m.

How do I reserve a golf locker or have my clubs stored at the club?
You may request a golf locker from the Club Manager and arrange to have your clubs stored with the Golf Professional.

How do I arrange for a golf game at the Club?
Contact our Golf Professional at the Pro Shop to make a tee time or to have the Pro put you in a group with other club members.


What is the Club’s food minimum?
The food minimum is the amount members must spend every month on food or soft drinks at the club. When a member does not spend their food minimum, the remainder will be billed to that member’s account as unspent minimum. Carry-outs may be included in your food minimum. Catered events such as wedding receptions and business dinner do not count to-ward the minimum, nor does food purchased at another country club.

Is there an advantage to paying the annual food minimum in full?
Yes, the food minimum can be paid in full at the beginning of the year, giving the member the entire calendar year to satisfy their food minimum.

Does the club menu stay the same throughout the year?
The main menu changes seasonally and includes weekly dinner specials as well as nightly specials.

What is an appropriate tip for club wait staff and bartenders?
A 15 % gratuity is automatically applied to your bill. If you would like to leave more, there is an “extra gratuity” line on your receipt.

May I host a meeting or party at Ulen Country Club?
Any member can host a catered event such as a bridal shower, wedding reception, class reun-ion or business meeting and choose from our full banquet.

Is there any limit to the number of times I can bring a guest?
There is no limit to number of times a member may bring a guest to dine at the club.

What are the serving hours of the Club?
In season, the kitchen is open from 11am to 9pm Tuesday though Saturday and open on Sun-days from 11am until 8pm. Off season, the kitchen is open from 11am until 2pm for Sunday Brunch. Hours may vary dependent upon the season and the weather. We recommend you always call the Club to make reservations so we can better serve you.

What are some of the Special Social Events at Ulen Country Club?
Ulen offers many special events throughout the year. These events include: Valentine’s Day Special Dinner, NCAA Basketball tournament auction, Children’s Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Buffet,, Mother’s Day Buffet, Tex Mex Night, “Grab a Slab” Rib Night, Silly Sixes, Crazy Eights and Mardi Gras Party, Gourmet Burger Night, Children’s Christmas with Santa, Christmas Buffet, and many more social events.


What is the layout of the golf course?
Ulen CC was built in 1924 by golf architect, William Diddel. There are four sets of tee markers. The black tees play 6310 yards. The blue tees play 6019 yards. The white tees play 5417 yards. The red tees play 5125 yards.

What type of grass does the course feature?
Since 2006, UlenCC features bentgrass on greens, tees, and fairways with the rough and in-termediate rough a bluegrass/ryegrass mixture.

How many bunkers are on the course? And what about water?
There are 80 bunkers on the golf course. A creek that runs through the golf course comes into play on 7 holes. There is also a pond that comes into play on 3 holes.

Where are cart paths on the course?
Cart paths are located only around greens and tees.

Does the golf course have range finder capability?
Yes, the Ulen CC golf course offers Laser Link technology to calculate distances on every hole along with yardage markers on the fairways.

Are there major renovation plans for the course?
At the current time there are none, however, the UlenCC Board is currently working on a master plan for the future.

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